Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Steel Magnolia Stories

Steel Magnolia Stories

Hi ya'll. Today is my sister Lynda's birthday. She loves to remind me that she is YOUNGER than me. Of course she is...I'm the oldest of 7 children who grew up in Augusta, Georgia........home of the Masters Golf Tournament and James Brown......but more on that later.

Happy Birthday "LD" (She knows what that means. ) I LOVE YOU lots and wish I was there in Greenville, SC to celebrate with you...................but maybe in the Fall.

Today is also another day off for me. I work 2 days a week and sometimes more in the ER at a major trauma center. It is a long 12 hr. day and stressful but satisfying knowing you are there to help people in their moment of greatest need. I am proud to be an RN and also proud to be a co-chair for Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger's re-election campaign.
Us Southern girls love a good fight for what is right and this Steel Magnolia is definitely fighting for this Governor to be re-elected. He's caring. He's competent. He's right about preserving the California Dream. So tell your friends to keep up with what's right in California by going to

See you later...........I'm still cleaning my closet.........Wow, I never knew I had so much "stuff."

Bye now!

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