Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Steel Magnolia Stories

Steel Magnolia Stories

Well, hello darlin'. I'm home today and feeling very light and refreshed after my Tuesday yoga class. Have you tried yoga yet? I declare, it's so awesome. Hard and pushes you to a new high, but definitely worth it.

I grew up in Augusta, Georgia and this time of year down there is definitely hot and humid so I'm enjoying the California weather and the nice cool evenings as the sun goes down. Can't beat this weather.

So, I'm sort of new at this. Not quite sure what I want to say........just share my life a bit and let you know my viewpoint on issues as they come up. One thing you will hear a lot about over the coming months is my support of Governor Schwarzenneger for re-election in November. Among other things, I'm proud to tell you I am an RN and you need to know that, contrary to the California Nurses Association - a nurses union, most nurses in our state think our Governor is a pretty good guy and a darn good leader. So be sure you got that right...There are over 300,000 Registered Nurses in the state of California and ONLY 65,000 belong to the California Nurses Association.........SO be sure you remember that when you hear them speak as if they speak for ALL nurses in California because they surely do not represent the majority.........

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RNs Against Forced Unionism said...


I love this!!! It's inspiring and personal and a great way to bring up issues. But the best part is that you are sharing your life. It would be nice if we could all do that.
Congrats on your new site!